One with ALL (What is fire spinning?)

It’s quiet, apart from the indistinct whisper in the crowd.
They are waiting for her, expecting to find some new meaning.
Soon words will die and magic will be born.

It’s quiet in his mind.
An inner voice is now speaking – the voice of harmony, being one with all.
A few seconds more, and she will dance her story.

Quiet. Dark.

Suddenly a thounsand flying spirits illuminate the air.
Where are they going? What is their invisible path?
What are they saying – is it a Hello, Goodbye or perhaps I love you?

It’s dark again. But they see the light in their hearts.


So what is fire spinning about? Are you in for fame or glory? Trying to stand out from the crowd? Trying to grow but not accept the different?

Or is it about being one – with yourself, with the other person, with the universe?
There is no place for arrogance, hatred, or fear.

Only place for LOVE.

Are you brave enough to do it?

Fire harmony – Wake up fest 2016